Arthur St. Clair: The Invisible Patriot

Arthur St ClairDuring the six months before December of 1776, Commanding General, George Washington had retreated from nine consecutive battles with the British in New Jersey and had lost ninety percent of his army. Brigadier General, Arthur St. Clair answered the call with fresh troops, took over the leadership of a brigade and suggested the strategies of stealth which enabled Washington’s army to win the next three battles over the British in just nine days after Christmas in 1776. This drove the British out of New Jersey and avoided what could have been the end of the American Revolution. St. Clair walked with the giants of the American Revolution…Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Greene, Lafayette and others. And yet, for more than two centuries, history has been reluctant to mention that St. Clair… • Became one of Washington’s most trusted of only 30 major generals. • Built four armies for Washington • Was the military strategist who helped Washington defeat the British in 1776-77. • Was President when the U.S. Constitution and the Northwest Ordinance were drafted. • Was America’s first and last foreign-born President. St. Clair also … • Stopped the Virginia governor from annexing what is now Pittsburgh (1774) • Protected Pennsylvania settlers from Indian attacks incited by the British (1764-69). • Assisted Governor Penn with development of Bedford and Westmoreland Counties (1764-74). • Renounced his allegiance to Great Britain to become a Colonel in the Continental Army (1774). • Established judicial system for six states of the Northwest Territory.

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