The Presidency and Domestic Policy: Comparing Leadership Styles, FDR to Obama

Presidency and Domestic PolicyGenovese (Loyola Marymount Univ.), Belt (Univ. of Hawaii, Hilo), and Lammers (Univ. of Southern California) examine and compare the domestic policy leadership styles and strategies of presidents since 1933; this new edition adds George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies. They assess presidents’ leadership styles and strategies for governing by looking at their approaches to advising processes and decision making, administrative strategies, public leadership, and congressional leadership. Importantly, the book considers presidential leadership in the context in which presidents serve, recognizing that presidents have different opportunities to lead based on the times in which they are in office. They thus categorize presidents based on the political environments they faced (high-opportunity presidents, moderate-opportunity presidents, and low-opportunity presidents), and evaluate their leadership and success based on their opportunities. They argue that, given their levels of opportunity, different presidents overachieved while others underachieved. Each president has one chapter dedicated to discussing his presidency, and each chapter follows the same format. The book is clearly written, easy to understand, and full of interesting anecdotes to help support its arguments.   R. L. Welch West Texas A&M University Copyright 2014 American Library Association.

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