Private Enterprise and Public Education

Private Enterprise and Public Education

Hess (American Enterprise Institute) and Horn (executive director of education, Innosight Institute) include 10 scholarly chapters from 11 contributors that effectively and conclusively enlighten policy makers, professors, school administrators, education scholars, researchers, and graduate students of school administration on the existing debate over the role business should play in operating K-16 public education schools. For-profit institutions are a part of the American education fabric, and their roles in procuring school equipment and supplies, publishing, creating tests and assessments, and providing transportation are widely accepted. The primary source of concern about and criticism of privatization is the operation of schools for profit. The editors and contributors separate fact from fiction in a very objective and meaningful way to help policy makers and educators understand the appropriate role that for-profits have to play in K-16 education schools. This book is an absolute must read for anyone desiring an in-depth, no-nonsense examination of the role that private enterprise can play in public education. Summing Up: Highly recommended. General readers; upper-division undergraduates and above. General Readers; Upper-division Undergraduates; Graduate Students; Researchers/Faculty; Professionals/Practitioners. H. J. Bultinck Northeastern Illinois University Copyright 2014 American Library Association.

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